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Is This Thing On Podcast 138

Nick Tann
Nick Tann

Is This Thing On Podcast
Away a week and far too long. Still, here I am back and bursting with independent tunes BURSTING! Click on the artists names to go to their websites  The Commuters ~ As I make My Way, Steve Swindells ~ A Place of Angels, Andrew Foster ~ Memory Maze, Ryan Peel ~ What am I missing, White Bone Rattle ~ What Have I Seen?, Dan Sheers and the Velveteen Orkestra ~ City of a Dreadful Night, Groundfloor ~ Bound to your Head, Steve Moyes ~ Pegbag Ladder, Jamie and the Portraits ~ What a Croc, Atari Pilot ~ Stay Yourself, Matthew Heller ~ Moon Below and a demo track from me good old Nick Tann.