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Is This Thing On Podcast 181

Hong-Kong-Phooey-Nick -Tann
Hong-Kong-Phooey-Nick -Tann

Looks like summer is back on !!!

Some great tunes to get you through the day including Esquires ~ Dales Dream, Byng Lewis ~ Ja Love, King Never ~ Push Pull, Kidd Russell ~ Hash Tag That, Charis Thomson ~ Barz n Crowdz, Zosh Cardo ~ Scent, Son of Eagle ~ Bones, Johnny 5th Wheel and the Cowards ~ In My Laboratory, Salme Dahlstrom ~ Lets Get To It, Tim Bishel ~ The Feeling of Home, Esquires ~ Dales Dream, Jamie and the Portraits ~ What a Croc, Atari Pilot ~ Game Change plus a demo of 3 am from me!

The best hour of your lives!


Is This Thing On Podcast