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Is This Thing On Podcast

I am back with some great new tunes and some tunes from 2011

Chezza – On and On, Maryama, Fine, Woven Bird – Saw You in Two, Fez  – Lowlight, Captain Backfire _ Diceman,  Salwa Azar – White Horse, By The River – One Word, Russell Morgan – Surrender, Nick Tann – All I Think About Is You.


Have a listen and a little feedback would be nice xx

EDIT A review of Chezza by Paul Carr


Chezza – On and On.

As Nick says in the podcast, people can be notoriously sniffy about new hip-hop. Maybe you are one of those people who has been turned off hip hop by the omnipresence of the Drakes and the Kanyes of the world. If so, hopefully this new track from Canadian rapper Chezza will go some way to changing your mind. The songs opens with a languid groove that would fit nicely onto Marvin Gaye’s frankly filthy album Let’s Get it On. Cheeza has an impressively tight flow with his nimble rhymes tumbling over each other. He has the steady delivery of a less provocative Mos Def. The song seamlessly flows into a chorus that would sound great soundtracking one of those Cristal fuelled pool parties you’ll never get invited to. The guest verses see two rappers with contrasting styles add weight to the track. Sharky the Great contributes some mirth with inspired boasts about his skills as an MC while Killermixture adds a confident, street smart verse. There are plenty of nods to old school hip-hop that will satisfy the hip-hop aficionado and the uninitiated alike. It’s a shimmering, summery tune perfect for some late summer sun. Give it a go.