Is This Thing on Podcast

Massive May Podcast!



Combining 2 podcasts into 1 this month to bring you 90 minutes of quality new tunes you have never heard.

Jaw dropping songs from some genuinely talented artists.

This shows playlist includes Katherine Aly – Misty Me, Joe Bygraves – Wild Nights, Half Decent – Every Single Moment, Intentional Overdose – Satan is Bad, Plastic Ghost – An Equation, Cosmic Ninja – Break the Silence, Theo Mizu Music – Capoeirando, The Final Curse of Tacitus – Nobody gets out alive, Eilis – Thank You, Tenacity – Don’t Let Them In, Oli Spleen – Bedroom, Kmodo – When Will I Get There, Nick Tann – Safe Harbour, Leah Vee – Thinking About, Amongst Liars – Wolf Machine, As Sirens Fall – Puppy Squad.