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Is This Thing On Podcast 129

Justin Beiber NAKED!
Justin Beiber NAKED!

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 In the best 60 minutes of you lives this week I played some great old favourites Los Bridge ~ Delegates,  Jim From The Moon ~ 25, Jay Groovara ~ Cuckoo, Mike Vaughan ~ Will We Ever Get To Mars (Happy Birthday Sailor!), Last Child Dancing ~ End of Summer, Vendor Defender ~ Passing, By The Rivers ~ Run Around, Martha’s Man ~ Already Hurting, Steve Lowis ~ Tricks, Russell Morgan ~ Surrender, Atari Pilot ~ Game Change, The Dots – Honey, Jason Parker Quartet ~ Bashert and a tune by me How Do You Sleep which is a part of a secret type project that you can only find out about if you join my mailing list which you can do by adding your email here and clicking the subscribe button  

Thanks to Steve Guttenberg for saying nice things about the podcast in his article here