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Is This This Thing On Podcast 141

Nick Tann Is This Thing On Podcast
Nick Tann Is This Thing On Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast

It’s not show 150!!!! ¬†A positive cornucopia of music loveliness this week with tracks from Eastern Conference Champions ~ Bloody Bells, Camp Out ~ Flying Back, May KB ~ The Storm, Postcode ~ It’s Amazing It’s Fantastic, Emily Wolfe ~ Don’t Turn Back, Salme Dahlstrom ~ C’mon Y’all, The Manic Shine ~ The Escape, Mohatra ~ I need Air, Jon Gomm ~¬†Passionflower, Marvin B Naylor ~ I am a Hot Summers Night and a little tune called Raggamuffin by Drunk On Logic.

Was that it? Did I miss anyone?


While I am here I may as well mention that you can also download my new album!