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Is This Thing On Again 2008/2010

In a retrospective look at the music played on the podcast I feature some of the tunes I played in shows from 2008 to 2010. This is just a part one with more to come very soon. Some of these bands don’t exist any more and some of the artists don’t perform which is a massive shame but it goes to show that that you and yes I mean YOU, have to get out and support these people otherwise you could easily miss them. A massive shout out to all the folks that have bought me a coffee recently, I am really grateful for your support and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Stonewing, Keith Carney, Sally, Ben Osbourne and Hollow Doors. Thanks, I really appreciate you xxx.

Right lets cast our minds back 13 years and listen to these absolute bangers! Matt Stevens – Dolls House, The Visitors – Same Old Me, Paul Liddell – Ghost Car, Netsayi – Punch Drunk, Menn Arsins – 12 Steps to the Liquor Store, Tim Farrell – Rosewood Alley, Tom Caulfield – Catholic Girls, Jetzin – Fleeting Silence, Rainer Straschill – Errico’s Grave, BAng Bang – In Arms, The LCD – The Balcony, Carvalho – Sin & Shame, Campout – Make Myself Sick, Anna Neale – Control, Scott Turchin – Cornucopia, Nick Tann – Sadder than Sad and the amazing Maroon Town – Bullitt

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast Hi July

As I mentioned in the show, plenty of classics from 2008/9/10 since my old hard drive has decided top come back to life. New tracks include MEME Detroit – Get Down On Me, Lavender Hills – Never Coming Back Again with the classic tracks The Visitors – Same Old Me, Paul Liddell – Ghost Car, Sigurdor Guomundsson – Gordian Know, Tim Farrell – The Backpacker, Pseudo – Three, Nick Tann – Parallel Lines, Joe Wellfair – Useless Kid, Broken Links – What You Want, Damn Vandals – Mad As Hell.


What a show, what a show!!!

Is This Thing On Podcast

Nick Tann

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast – Where are they now? #1


Just sit back and bask in what once was as this episode is full of music from bands that are no more. I played their music on the show and despite that they broke up! Therefore there are no links to websites instead just listen to the great music that they made. IF you have any information on the bands then please make a comment here.  So this weeks playlist is…

Doyle & The Forefathers – When Will The Children Learn?, What Is Life For? – the Rush, The Visitors – Same Old Me, The Lost Souls Club – Your Children Are Safe With Us, Menn Arsins – 12 Steps TO The Liquor Store, ‘Til Dusk – Honey Just Walk It, The Wilton Project – Diana, Caroline’s Capuchin Deepest Fall, Vendor Defender – Golden Shivers, Sand River – Love, People – Jackie Who?

I also mooted the idea of an IS This Thing On Youtube Chanel and the possibility of me performing a home concert in YOUR HOME. Have a listen and remember to subscribe to never miss an episode Is This Thing On Podcast

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