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Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast SPRING


It’s been a while but I am back with a vengeance! I talk about buying cds, old jungles and other stuff. Make a comment below if you have an opinion. People actually read this you know!

Anyway, this weeks play list

Sam Jefferson – Too Much For You, Annique – Never Forget The times, Sarah Mac Band – Ready To Stay, Bones Garage – Birthmarks, Accrington Stanley  – Rites of Spring, Lucy Kitchen – Sun To My Moon, The Strangler Figs – Attack of the Strangler Figs, The Travis Waltons – Home Wrecker, ToyFace – Cosmic Love, Nick Tann – Love Lies, Race Car Hearts – Diesel Dawn, Three Day Beard – Kentucky Gentleman.

I invited you to join Team Tann off the Facebook

I was also extolling the virtues of Hiatus Kaiyote.

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Is This Thing on Podcast

NIck Tann’s – Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast
And here we are, back in the room again with some amazing independent tunes sent in by wonderfully talented artists from around the planet.

This weeks playlist includes Fighting Caravans – Tyrannosaur, Lazer Lloyd – Bad Seed, ToyFace – Cosmic Love, Nick Tann – Dont, April Maybe May – Sugar and Mess, The Horse – Got To See Her, Lizzard Frequency – Bad Seed, Marvin B Naylor – Wondering Star