The Vinyl Project

Dear podcast listeners, please indulge me. All I ask is a few minutes of your time to read a few words about my new album. I thank you…

The Vinyl Project
The Vinyl Project

Back in July 2009 I was chatting with my good friend and mentor Matt Stevens when I mentioned that I had an idea to make a proper vinyl record. Matt agreed this was a pretty cool idea and suggested I asked people to prepay for the album to make it affordable.

So The Vinyl Project was born.

In 2011, thanks to a generous donation by the amazing Mike Taylor and a happy band of others, I had made enough to go into the studio and to record the album. So on the afternoon of 4th March 2011, 18 months later, I and a few friends Drew Harris, The Real Raj, Justin & Jamie Wayne, Matt Stevens and my wife Debs all turned up at the wonderful Livingstone studios in North London and I recorded this album. It was all recorded live in the studio by the fantastic Kevin Feazey who did a marvellous job not only on the day but also later when he mastered the album.

So fast forward to 2012, the pre payments have been coming in dribs and drabs, I could see that it was going to take years until I would have enough to press the proper vinyl that the name of the project suggests so I made a decision. I would produce the Vinyl Project as a Vinyl CD and here it is.

It’s not the vinyl that I had been dreaming of but it is still an album that I am very proud of.

The Vinyl Project
The Vinyl Project


It has the look  feel of a classic vinyl album complete with gatefold sleeve but it is a cd.

For a number of reasons I am making it available to subscribers only. This may change in the future. To subscribe to my newsletter and therefore pay what you want for this album, simply add your email address in the box below. It’s easy to unsubscribe at a later date if you wish, honest.

Apart from the people I have already mentioned I would like to thank Sam Scarrott, Mirjana Tann, Lisa Von-Schneidau, Janice Howe, Ryan Casey, Adrian Lightly, Tracy Chapman, Andrew Butcher, Corinne Mackenzie, Sigurdor Gudmundsson, Debbs Allanson, Sarah L Boyd, Dave from UK Surfcams, Steve Morton, Xan Phillips, Matt Kassell, Ian Cree, Michael Lamb, Kate Laine-Turner, Linda Mills, Marilyn Madsen and Hannah Lincecum not only for prepaying for a product that didn’t even exist at the time but also for their support, encouragement and patience. Without them, there would be no Vinyl Project.


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