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Is This Thing On Podcast November II TAKE TWO!


Sorry folks, due to a technical hitch the first version of this didn’t work! So, I had a fiddle and it’s all good….. On with the show, again!



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Yes I know, 2 shows in a month AND a new website! What is going on eh?

I’ve had so much great music sent to me it would be sinful not to play it. By the way there are a few swears in this one so ….. well just so.

What do you think of the new site? I’ve made the banner setting random. Which picture did you get?

Anyhoo this weeks playlist

Andy J Gallagher – Sheena’s Big Night Out, MAddie Wilson – Waiting for Lightening to Strike, Where Fires Are – Your Brother, Ken Roberts – Only Lonely One, The Chadelics – Love Me Again, Cosmic Ninja – Hypnosis, Scott Swain – Oil, Marlena Anna – Trust, Nick Tann – The Day After The Night Before

This is the Spotify playlist version of the show. Tracks MAY differ from the podcast version.