Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 99

In this weeks episode I played Rebecca Mcintee ~ Goodbye, Transmission Party ~ You’re My Lighthouse, Y(G) Lyamking ~ Ancient Spy, Black Mamba ~ Head Space, Woven Bird ~ Saw You In Two, Paul Liddell ~ Boots, Steve Swindell ~ Spinning Around, Tony Wallace Turtle & Crab, Shoulders of Giants ~ Code of a Madman, Lost Souls Club ~ Romeo, The Rebs ~ Always in a Heartbeat, Jon Gommin ~Passionflower and a nice little tune by me, good old Nick Tann.

WARNING. I may have rambled a bit……

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If you are very busy you should do guest podcasts where the “general public” compile the music for you and add some whimsical voice bits. Not quite sure if that will reduce your work load as you might still have to compile bits and logistically might be more complicated. Anyway just an idea.

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