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Is This Thing On Podcast 102

Nick Tann
Nick Tann

Yes this is how I want you to listen to Burn ~ Happy, The Wilton Project ~ Diana, Matt Stevens ~ Relic, Marc Philippe ~ Red Tears, Kidd Russell ~ Backyard Heroes, Captain Backfire ~ the Dice, Andrew Foster ~ Panic Moon, The Travis Waltons and me singing the demo of Going Around My Head. Perhaps you could post pictures to the Facebook page?

Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox Skyped me as Did Dave Miles from A Cup of tea and a Slice of Cake.

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Yeah, I agree with the money thing – you get to a point where, as you’ve put your whole life into writing stuff, you wouldn’t mind getting paid to play it sometimes. At least have your travel paid for. That’s why I stopped getting (or trying to get) London gigs – apart from being more or less ordered to confirm I’d be able to get 40 people along. Near the end, I never even bothered to ask if I would get any money – isn’t that crap?

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