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Is This Thing On Podcast 118

70s porn star Nick Tann
70s porn star Nick Tann

Is This Thing On Podcast
In this weeks exciting show I played Mak Woven ~ Shadow on the Wall, Le Peculiar ~ Enjoy The Show, Mailman ~ Sun Never Sets, Salwa Azar ~ White Horse, Mummy Short Arms ~ Change, Black Mamba ~ This Side of the Pen, GroundFloor ~ Bound to your Head, Eastern Conference Champions ~ Bloody Bells, Anja McCloskey, And Her Head, Postcode ~ Hope Makes The Light Shine Great plus an interview with that nice chap Jack from Southampton rock band Lock n Load. So that’s the UK, America, the Netherlands and Iceland covered!!!


I also wanted to know who is the most famous person you have met?

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You interviewed a chap, a singer I believe and asked him the age range of his group, 14-16 years he replied. About a minute later, when asking him about the origin of a song, he told you he wrote it while “smashed…really drunk”, one evening. Is it not illegal to be drunk under 18? Or is it just illegal to sell alcohol to someone under 18? Either way, what was the reaction to his mother when he said this? I think she’s a disgrace, sir!

It is illegal for under 18s to buy alcohol and or to consume it in a licenced premesis. They can, however, consume alcohol under adult supervision in their own home.”Under 18? Adults are not allowed to buy alcohol on behalf of under 18’s in a licensed premises. In the new licensing laws, the only exception is for 16 or 17 year olds who are allowed to drink beer, wine or cider at a meal out with adults, but they may not buy the alcohol themselves (except in Scotland”

To Mr Maylor, Im the guitarist of this guys band and it aint illegal to drink underage if you are gonna rip on anyone then I am 16, smoke, drink the whole package and proud of it. Im so sorry if we caused you any offence but we are a rock n roll band and we happen to have a lifestyle to match our music otherwise we would be some two-bit posers who dont really mean it… is that what you want in your music sir?? I didnt think so, have a nice day.

Thanks, Yiannis.

I think you will find Mr Naylors tongue firmly in his cheek Yiannis. If you listened to the podcast regularly you would realise that Marvin is a very accomplished songwriter and musician with a wicked sense of humor.

Oh haha sorry dude!!!! didnt mean to be a dick! man being a sarcastic idiot really gets me in shit half the time!

dude this aint the fist time ive done something this idiotic… I think it comes from the medical condition of being born without a brain and being an outrite chav!

Hey Nick, thanks a lot for the play! In answer to your question about celebs I’ve met a few but probably one of the nicest was Ralph Brown who among other things played Danny the drug dealer in Withnail & I, which makes him pretty much a God in my eyes…!

For anyone who’s interested – Claire-Marie Conlin; vocalist and lyricist for La Peculiar can also be found on her YouTube Channel at, and follow her on Twitter @Hooliesmom !!

And for Nick – I remember that gig. She was my girlfriend then too. We were due to move the next day (due to the date being rescheduled) and hadn’t packed a thing. She was fretting and decided she had to cancel so she could start packing stuff up, I decided I didn’t like that idea and I was going to do my set! I had more power back then!

Hi Nick, I’m only 4:30 into this week’s podcast and listening to Salwa Azar ~ White Horse, can it get any better?

What’s this? Now I can hear Eastern Conference Champions ~ Bloody Bells, this is going to be a good one!

Cracking podcast this one Nick, thanks so much for the include 🙂 The nicest famous person I’ve met has to be a bit of niche one, but he’s an electronic artist going by the name of “Scanner”, and I studied him at Uni, then wrote a bunch of letters to important people asking them to come to my graduate exhibit.. he was the only one who replied, and not only that.. he came! We met in 2007 and have been friends ever since, he is awesome. Awww 🙂

The most famous person I’ve ever met was Nick Tann!! (hahahahaha…) But really, I met Henry Winkler (Fonzie on Happy Days, among other roles) as we were building set pieces for an independent film he was starring in. He was the nicest guy!

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