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Is This Thing On Podcast 117

Nick Tann
Nick Tann

After last weeks lady special a nice mix of brand new mans stuff!

Decode ~ Days After You, States of Matter ~ Only Lovers Left Alive, The Fierce and the Dead ~ on VHS, Casino Trap ~ Let you Go, The Dots ~ Love Divine, Andrew Foster ~ Memory Maze, MinionTV ~ Keep the Negatives, Churn Milk Joan ~ Happier, Kidd Russell ~ Juice Acoustic.

Paul from Unplug The Jukebox Came and spoke about Crinkle Cut

and I banged on occasionally making sense.


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So Paul’s grandad was from Sunderland, he says. Well, my dad’s from there. I remember going to see my grandparents in the 70s, when there were still loads of ships in the docks. Now? Nothing. My dad hasn’t been back since his ma’s funeral, 25 years ago. He says it would depress him, as there’s no industry anymore…

[…] Is the musical genre “Skrunk” just a new one on me or is my finger just simply miles away from the pulse?  Whatever, Bristol’s very own pioneers of said genre —  Crinkle Cuts – are bloody brilliant and their debut EP “First Cuts” is insanely good fun.  I spoke with my dear old mate Nick Tann about them recently on Is This Thing On and you can hear our unique brand of jibba-jabba by clicking here. […]

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