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Is This Thing On Podcast 135

Holly Wolloughby in a bikini
Holly Wolloughby in a bikini


Is This Thing On Podcast

When in doubt, play songs by your mates. That’s what I did this week so tracks by Grant Sharkey ~ Lullaby for Baxter, Philo Sinnet ~ Can’t Mend a Broken Heart When Mine is Broken To, Woven Bird ~A Curse Heaven Sent, Jess Vincent ~ Sally in the Woods, Marvin B Naylor ~ Alice and Maryanne, Doyle and the Forefathers ~ Every woman that you’ve Me, Gray Smith ~ When I Reveal, The Cherry Bluestorms ~ 4 Here, Tom Caulfield ~ Good You Got Away, The Glass Child ~ I’ll Never Tell, Acrington Stanley ~ Midlife Crisis, Stone Pony ~ Across Town, Liz Longley ~ Unraveling, Contact ~ Starshaped Dreams and a track by me from my Vinyl Project album.

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Thank you, Mr. Tann – you like Alice And Marianne (note spelling), clearly. Who’s the lady at the end of the show – “Is this THING on?” What’s the thing in October in Winchester, by the way?

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