Is This Thing on Podcast

October 2


Yes 2 episodes in as many weeks. Have a listen to the show and I explain why and why I will be giving you more episodes. I really mean it this time, honest…

Anyhoo some great tunes this week Marrius – Back to Strangers, Foxer – Don’t Leave a Scar, Kenzi – At The Root, Oh Moses – The Company You Keep, Dres_ – Wake Up, The Bugles – Give Up, Maroon Town – Freedom Call,  Sara Saville – Love Hate, The Zilverbacks – Breathtaking, Liz Longley – Unraveling and a live version of Safe Harbour from me at last years Wickham Festival.

Pip pip!

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing on Independent Music Podcast Xmas


Is This Thing On Podcast

Yes, at last, this years Xmas special podcast. Some new and some favourites of the last year finishing with a live track from me recorded at The Joiners a few months ago. Thanks to everyone who contributed and continues to do so. Thanks for listening and supporting ORIGINAL INDEPENDENT MUSIC.  Show your support by buying some merchandise form the following artists who appear in this weeks show.

Benjamin Yellowitz – Berlin Bar, Paul McClure– A Song For Anyone, Marchan Noelle – Time Zone, Rogues – Huckay Pump, Cherry Head Cherry Heart – Party Seven, Let Go The Sky – Leaving, The Silver Bayonets – Schemes, Ollie Goodwin – Painted Black Master, Ed Ling – Swimmers, Hildur Höglind – Early, The Strangler Figs – Attack of the Strangler Figs, Liz Longley – Unraveling, Nick Tann – Never Did You Harm (live at The Joiners Southampton)

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing on Podcast 201


A nice mellow episode this week with the best in independent artists from all over the world including the US, Germany and the U.K.

Bela Takes Chase ~ Radiate, Black Mamba ~ 3am, Will and the People ~ The Game, Liz Longley ~ Unraveling, April Maybe May ~ Lost, Last Child Dancing ~ End of Summer, Anja McCloskey ~ Quite Low, Kevin Fisher ~ Losing You, Nick Tann ~ Can’t Stop Missing You, Ernesto Schnack ~ Achieving The Godhead

I also mentioned the podcast live show in Winchester next month. For more details on that click here.