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Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast – Where are they now? #1


Just sit back and bask in what once was as this episode is full of music from bands that are no more. I played their music on the show and despite that they broke up! Therefore there are no links to websites instead just listen to the great music that they made. IF you have any information on the bands then please make a comment here.  So this weeks playlist is…

Doyle & The Forefathers – When Will The Children Learn?, What Is Life For? – the Rush, The Visitors – Same Old Me, The Lost Souls Club – Your Children Are Safe With Us, Menn Arsins – 12 Steps TO The Liquor Store, ‘Til Dusk – Honey Just Walk It, The Wilton Project – Diana, Caroline’s Capuchin Deepest Fall, Vendor Defender – Golden Shivers, Sand River – Love, People – Jackie Who?

I also mooted the idea of an IS This Thing On Youtube Chanel and the possibility of me performing a home concert in YOUR HOME. Have a listen and remember to subscribe to never miss an episode Is This Thing On Podcast

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Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 112

Is This Thing On Podcast

That’s me in that picture, back when Izzy was just a few hours old….ANYWAY the podcast this week played music from Streaming Lights ~ Wait a Minute, What is Life for ~ The Rush, SandRiver ~ Goodnight Goodnight, Rieg ~ The Histrionic, Fit & The Conniptions ~ Sweet Sister Starlight, Laura Day Heaven in Youth, Jonathan Whiskerd ~ Lifeline, Indigo Earth ~ Cold Light of Day, Red Stripe ~ My Brazilian Neighbour, Shut Up Donny ~ El Boyo Productions, Zosh Cardo ~ Level My Scales, Coloured Lines ~ Atmospheres and a new song by me that can be found on the Demos and Sketches page of my music website

I did ask that you vote for me on the SlowBiz website but after recording the podcast I get an email telling me that I had already been accepted so I don’t need any more votes. Click on something else instead.