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Is This Thing On Podcast 190

Nick Tann of Arabia
Nick Tann of Arabia

Is This Thing On Podcast
What an amazing array of independent tunes I have for you this week!

In no particular order Ashbury Keys ~ Oh My God, Jonnie Murphy ~ Open Up, ┬áThe Robbie Boyd Band ~ I Won’t Let You Go, Captain Backfire ~ The Diceman, Vendor Defendor ~ Golden Shivers, Stone Them Crows ~ Joker in the Pack, Cantaloop ~ Chocolate, Lillian Todd Jones ~ Butter Soul, Kid Russell ~ C.H.I., Rycky Kay ~ Home With You, Miss Lucid ~ Another Pathogen, Nick Tann ~ Can’t Stop Missing You, Tom Fuller ~ Doing Nothing, Not Made In China ~ Sick of the Sixth, Atari Pilot ~ Rip The Floor Up.

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