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Is This thing On Podcast 72

After a very tiring weekend I bring you some of the best music on the planet, namely The Statler Project ~ Been In Your Streets, Fit & The Conniptions ~ Sweet Sister Starlight, The Travis Waltons – Milliionaire, Matt Erion Orchestra ~ Reach (Simon Brown’s choice),  The Fierce & The Dead, The Real Raj ~ Safe & Sound, Steve Picken ~ High Hopes, Anja McCloskey ~ Stephanie (whose diary from America you can find at (, Steve Lowis and a track by me dedicated to all the people who supported me yesterday as I recorded the 8 tracks for my Vinyl Project.

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Hi Nick, thanks for playing that song – could you email me a copy dude as that is the only recording of that song and would be good to have a copy so that can learn to play it 🙂 as only wrote it that day and not played it since. . Cheers dude. .much love

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