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Is This Thing On Podcast Marvin B Naylor pt.2


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Part 2 of my interview with Marvin B Naylor where he talks about his writing process, the 12 string guitar and what his music means to him.
To find out more about Marvin and his music visit his website

Click here to listen to part 1 

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Is This Thing On Podcast 155

Nick Tann
Nick Tann

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A hoy hoy boys and girls and welcome to this weeks episode.

I play tracks by The Cherry Bluestorms ~ Fear of Gravity, Grant Sharkey ~ Yo Mamma, Anna Neale ~ False Consciousness, Marvin B Naylor ~ Alice and Marianne,   The Storm ~ Base 11, Hoda Mohajerani ~ Raging Waves, Mike Vaughan ~ Keeping Them On The Ground, Sigurdor Gudmundson ~ Genja a Gutunum, Sweet Tooth ~ Everybody Wants to Fall In Love, King Never ~ Sorrow, Last Child Dancing ~ End of Summer, Bad Bad Meow ~ The Wheel, Nick Tann ~ Be Like Your Friend (very very demo)

I also mentioned my main event in Winchester this Saturday and would appreciate a little sharing. Thanks

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A little help…

The “Is This Thing On Productions” event at the Attic Bar in the Railway pub in Winchester


As some of you may know, I am a working musician and have played most of the venues in the Southampton area from the pub open mics in the city to some of the biggest music venues.


I am organising the first of what I hope to be a regular event, which on the face of it, appears just, like a normal gig in a normal venue but I assure you is far from it.


I’m aiming to create a community of music fans who are passionate about music and who want to support and be part of the underground music scene. A network of people that will help spread the word about local unsigned artists. I do my best to support the scene every week via my Is This Thing On Podcast, playing independent unsigned music from around the world.


One of my bugbears are venues where artists have to sell tickets and collect the money, handing it over only to receive a small percentage IF they are lucky enough to have sold enough tickets.


My event, the Is This Thing On Productions event, aims to be different. Firstly I am selling the tickets, asking the artists simply to help publicise the event via their mailing lists, Facebook page, Twitter etc. The artists will get a fair share of the ticket sales as well as 100% of the proceeds of the raffle.


I will also be acting as compere for the event, talking to the crowd and introducing the acts so that they don’t have to walk on to an empty stage. The show will be in two halves with the artists playing two short sets separated by an interval.


So as you can see this is more than just a gig in a pub. I am creating an event that is entertaining but also pays the artists fairly without them having to knock themselves out trying to collect money for tickets. I have done a lot of work so far, I have built the website, the Facebook page, booking the acts months in advanced, printed the tickets as well as invested my own money in hiring the venue. This is the first of many shows that I hope to put on so I need you to help me make this first one a success.


So how can I get tickets?


If you want to buy tickets fill out the contact form on the website  I will email you telling you how to get them. Margins are tight and I can’t afford to use PayPal so I won’t be selling them on-line.  I may suggest that I deliver the tickets in person or that you can pick them up from certain shops that are supporting me.


But if I don’t want to go, how else can I help?


Simple publicity. You may have your own mailing list, blog or Twitter account and a mention on one of those about the event website would be a real help. Even mentioning it to anyone you think might be interested is something. Nothing like word of mouth.  I have created a press release on the website as well as profile pages for the artists that are playing at the first event on the 13th October, feel free to copy and paste anything from the site.