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Is This Thing On Podcast 66

is this thing on podcast 66
is this thing on podcast 66

It appears that the Markers Mark did the trick this week as I whizzed through the podcast at record speed!

I started off with and old favourite Diana by The Wilton Project, then a most beautiful tune by April Maybe May called Sugar & Mess and then Alibi by Planes Over Paris. Then came my interview with the delightful Anja McClosky who told me all about her imminent tour of America next month. If you’re about try and catch her to say hi.

I also played Anja’s amazing tunes Stephanie IV. Pam Shaffer’s track Henry followed this then a word or two from that nice Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox. Steve Lowis’s Rescue and newly named Alligator Indian and their top track Prospect Park.

I finished off with a track I recorded on my honeymoon in 2006, lets just call it Slide.

I hope you enjoyed the podcast, click on something eh?

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It’s not entirely my fault. It’s all the people with myspace sites.
I normally copy the urls from the actual webpage as I visit it but I’m so loathed to visit myspace, I just typed them in.
Myspace constantly crashes my browser and when it doesn’t it runs dead slow.

They all should be ok now.

Thanks for the heads up Tony

Sounded great. Paul needs his ears checked.

(The interviews are slightly – just slightly – lower than the music, but I suppose that’s a good thing.)

(and IV – four – has nothing to do with Ivy League colleges – that refers to the ivy that grows on the buildings.)

Hey Nick, I’m slowly listening to your older show (your podcast was recommended by Rowley (darkcompas) and Dave (the bugcast)). Thanks for the amazing line up of songs this week, especially April Maybe May!

Glad you’re enjoying the shows.April maybe May are fantastic agreed.Thanks man. There was another little problem yesterday was all the posts and pages vanished from unplugthejukebox. With the help of hostgator I managed to repair the database and make Paul happy again. I’ll blog about the Cuban Bar gig later. Recorded a long drunken podcast with Paul yesterday should go live soon. Hope you’re having fun mate and look forward to seeing you soon.

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