Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 63

Is this thing on podcast 63
Is this thing on podcast 63

A look back at some of the artists I have met during the course of 2010. I started off with the great Haunted Stereo and their great tune Can You See My Side? Followed by the mighty Broken Links and Shelter Your Loss , Marvin B Naylor A Little Speck of Blue, Matt Stevens Dolls House, Salme Dahlstrom C’mon Y’all, Gideon’s Demise Glow, Jim Chorley Nothin Like Your Love, Helen Austin When We Were Young, Doyle and The Forefathers Every Woman You Meet, The Real Raj Ingenue, Indigo Earth Land Of Dreams, Jennie Walker Simon, Sand River The Reprisal (Kid Dust pt 3) and Lewis MacLean Better Than This. Then came the Watch With Mothers tune Floating Tits of Calypso finishing of with one of my tunes,a remastered version of All I Think About Is You. Pop over to my bandcamp site to listen and purchase

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Helen Austins’ song is a favourite at the moment, and also Rajs’. My song is called Little Speck Of Blue. It’s worth hearing all of this show, it’s a great one, I also am quite fond of Mr. Tanns’ odd ad-libbing, strangely enough.

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