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Is This Thing On Podcast Episode 159 New Year Special

Nick Tann - £2 pound coin
Nick Tann – £2 pound coin

Is This Thing On Podcast
Yes, the results are in. This weeks New Years Special was voted for by the great unwashed i.e. your good selves, well some of you!

All artists that received over 1 vote were added to this weeks playlist and include these fine and talented folk: Grant Sharkey, The Cherry Bluestorms, Anja McCloskey, Emily Wolfe, Marvin B Naylor, The Fierce & The Dead, Liz Longley, Paul Liddell, Bela Takes Chase, Stuart McNair, Sean McGowan, Postcode, Clara Barker, Matt Stevens, Helen Austin, Nick Tann….of course!

Thanks for all that voted and for all of you that have taken the time to listen week after week. You are all helping support new music just by doing that.

More next week and if you are just reading this wondering which tracks I actually played then all you have to do is BLOODY LISTEN!



Is This Thing on Podcast

It This Thing On Podcast 75

In a classy podcast full of high morals I (with a little help from Izzy) bring you Helen Austin, David Cevoli, Tann-Starr (not me), Kidd Russell,  that other live acoustic track from The Rising and Shinsei Kamatachan.

Paul from Unplug the Jukebox came along and waxed lyrical about some band or other.

I asked the question “What have you lost that you want back” and got some very interesting answers. I also read out the results of my submission to the Music Xray focus group with hilarious consequences!

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 70

In a packed show this week I play Eastleigh’s sons Broken Links ~ What Are We Waiting For?, Ben Willmott ~ On The Beach, Stone Them Crows ~ Joker In The Pack,

I had a lovely chat with Helen Austin all the way in Vancouver Island and played her tune Take Me Away. Then Coloured Lines ~ Read Between the Lines, Andrew Foster and a song I recorded when he was here a few weeks ago Panic Moon, SRM and his great tune ~Iron Lung Blues, The Spiraltones ~ Lost Weekend, May KB and her beautiful tune The Storm. A perfect tune in Sorrow from show favourites King Never.

I finish off with a live version of Push II the theme music at the top of each podcast since 2008.


Keep the faith!