Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 100!

So here we are, episode 100! Recorded live at The Cellar Southampton and what an afternoon Paul (Unplug the Juke Box) and I had!

Sadly no live video stream ( I broke the internet!) but some great live performances from Anja McCloskey, Marvin B Naylor, The Lost Boys, Mike Vaughan and Gideon Towers from Gideon’s Demise. I filled in with some amazing tracks from Tim Farrell and Matt Stevens ( the remixed one by Pseudo Ambient) . I chatted with Guy Sivour from Sand River,  David Simnell, and Mark Lawrence from Broken Links. It would have been mean not to play one of their tracks so I did that too!

In time honored fashion I finished of with one of my tracks Be Like Your Friend.

Thanks to everyone that came along and especially to Mark & Kev from The Cellar for letting me shout in their bar for a few hours!

Is This Thing on Podcast

This Thing IS On!!


Yes, I have finally got my arse into gear and now the compilation cd is ready!!


This is what you get

Camp Out ~ Make Myself Sick ~

Matt Stevens ~ Burned Out Car ~

The Cherry Bluestorms ~ Fear of Gravity ~

Tim Farrell ~ The Backpacker ~

Gideon’s Demise ~ Fusion ~

Allen Wentz ~ Psychotic ~

Amaya Huntley ~ Regrets ~

Bubonic Funk ~ Position of Power ~

Tom Caulfield ~ Miss Valentine ~

Paul Liddell ~ Ghost Car ~

Nick Tann ~ Life is a River ~

King Never ~ The City ~

Tom Bishel ~ The Feeling of Home ~


All tracks beautifully mastered by Matt McCabe at

All these tracks for only £5 plus postage

So now you want to buy it yes?

Just click on the picture below and you will be whisked away to paypal as if by magic!



Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 57


It’s another “lets focus on the music as Nick is a bit of a shambles” podcasts this week!

But what amazing music, I kicked off with  Three’s Company by the amazing Helen Austin Helen Austin then Can’t You See My Side by the brilliant Haunted Stereo Haunted Stereo and then Langir Skigger a live track recorded for Icelandic radio by the awesome Menn Arsins Menn Arsins. Paul Lane from Unplug The Jukebox and I chatted in my car about The Lost Souls Club.The Lost Souls Club

Then I played the brand new track Panic by the cosmic Gideon’s Demise followed by a new track by Paul LiddellPaul Liddell the cracking tune Boots.

I also found space to play a great track called Like a Drug by Australian band The Milkmen

I played a little demo that has the working title Froggy Demca.