Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 100!

So here we are, episode 100! Recorded live at The Cellar Southampton and what an afternoon Paul (Unplug the Juke Box) and I had!

Sadly no live video stream ( I broke the internet!) but some great live performances from Anja McCloskey, Marvin B Naylor, The Lost Boys, Mike Vaughan and Gideon Towers from Gideon’s Demise. I filled in with some amazing tracks from Tim Farrell and Matt Stevens ( the remixed one by Pseudo Ambient) . I chatted with Guy Sivour from Sand River,  David Simnell, and Mark Lawrence from Broken Links. It would have been mean not to play one of their tracks so I did that too!

In time honored fashion I finished of with one of my tracks Be Like Your Friend.

Thanks to everyone that came along and especially to Mark & Kev from The Cellar for letting me shout in their bar for a few hours!

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 88

Two fat ladies?

Yes podcast 88 where me, good old Nick Tann ably assisted by Izzy bring you some of the best music you have never heard!

In no particular order Fit & The Conniptions ~ Wood for the Trees, Gray Smith ~ Peach, Meniscus ~ Fight Club, Mentirosa & Mad Colour  ~ Scarz of Marz, The Lost Boys ~ Weekend Tales, Mohatra ~ Buzz, Crisifus ~ I Know What You’re Thinking and a tune of mine from The Vinyl Project

Paul Lane form Unplug the Jukebox was talking about Hey Sholay as well as giving his opinion on the music from last weeks podcast. ….

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This This On Podcast 77 UTJ Special part 2

In part 2, a little more “refreshed” we carry on our journey of showcasing some of the acts that Paul from Unplug the Jukebox has featured in previous episodes.

In this part we play The Rusty Blues, Dead Wax, The Lost Boys and a track by me from my Vinyl Project.

As I wrote this the day after I am glad to report that neither Paul or myself have a hangover. We put this down to the quality of that fine Polish beer Tyskie!

It may be worth noting at this point that Is This This On podcast is looking for sponsors….