Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 89

Yes, that’s what it looks like!

A slightly drunk podcast this week, well it is summer and all!

Played some great tunes including The Travis Waltons ~ Millionaire, Good King Friday ~ A Simple Choice, Jason Parker Quartet ~Mance’s Dance, Lewis MacLean ~ A Better Place, April Maybe May ` Sugar & Mess, King Never ~ Sorrow, The Spiraltones  & a track by good old me I’m Gonna Break Your Heart.

Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox gave tongue to The Queue and also his opinion on last weeks podcast.

I’d say, all in all a blooming good show.

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 70

In a packed show this week I play Eastleigh’s sons Broken Links ~ What Are We Waiting For?, Ben Willmott ~ On The Beach, Stone Them Crows ~ Joker In The Pack,

I had a lovely chat with Helen Austin all the way in Vancouver Island and played her tune Take Me Away. Then Coloured Lines ~ Read Between the Lines, Andrew Foster and a song I recorded when he was here a few weeks ago Panic Moon, SRM and his great tune ~Iron Lung Blues, The Spiraltones ~ Lost Weekend, May KB and her beautiful tune The Storm. A perfect tune in Sorrow from show favourites King Never.

I finish off with a live version of Push II the theme music at the top of each podcast since 2008.


Keep the faith!

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 59

As I explain, a bit late this week…

I kick off with an amazing track by the marvelous Marvin B Naylor with a track called Boy Became a Man that I recorded live at a Pure Acoustica event at The White Swan In Winchester.

I followed that up with great track called Flowers by Southampton ban The Lost Boys

The picture above shows how this weeks Unplug The Jukebox with Paul Lane was recorded…

A lovely piece of jazz by the sublime Matt Erion Trio leads me in to an interview with the wonderful Helen Austin a Brit in a land similar to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, probably..She makes a few bucks (Canadian) by getting her tunes on tv shows and adverts.

Another live tune this time by Southampton’s Uke Supergroup The Spiraltones

I mentioned the forthcoming Xmas bumper special. If you want to send a dedication then email me at with some audio or just an email and I will read it out on the bumper Xmas show. DEADLINE will be Friday 17th December so get recording and emailing and stuff , remembering to put XMAS in the subject header.