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Is This Thing on Podcast 52 Music In The City Special

Yes, a special with some fantastic music by bands who were part of Southampton’s Music In The City Festival. I start with an awesome track by a very nice man who I met in the Quilters Vault yesterday called  Mr Marvin B Naylor click his name to go straight to his bandcamp site, it’s all good. Next Doyle and the Forefathers and live version of their new single Guvnor of Giving up that I recorded at their session yesterday buy the album by clicking the little button here Doyle . A little chat from Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox about MutantVinyl and Ask Alfie (who is also reviewed by Paul here)then a track about his crop circle making father by Jim Chorley. A little flava of Route To Routes recorded live yesterday then another live recording of The Real Raj who was magnificent also recorded yesterday at Southampton’s Music In The City festival. Then to finish the whole thing off a brand new tune by me played live today! Buy my rubbish here Nick

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing on Podcast 47

A nice chilled laid back podcast this week.

I started with a cracking tune by the mighty

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 35

In this weeks podcast I play in no particular order the very talented James Corachea (England) whose video you can see below, the sublime Steve Lowis (England), the quite beautiful American duo Camp Out, Dave Miles’ Pure Acoustica interview is with the amazing James Watson, voice of a knave Tom Caulfield (England), the also very beautiful Sweet Tooth (England)  and for the first time I play Slovakian band I & Son and Lost in Wonderland (England) and the sweet gypsy tones of Juana Ghani (USA)

Some more astute readers may have noticed that I have put the country of origin for the first time. Well done…

I also mention that, thanks to everyone, I have now topped my 1000 target

I also mentioned one of my other ventures Pure Acoustica

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 34

In a hastily put together podcast I played the marvelous

Matt Blake, the sublime Real Raj, the perfectly formed

King Never, The wild Will Kriski, the slightly quirky

Tom Slatter, the cruel but fair Haunted Stereo,

the never knowingly undersold Gideon’s Demise and the often

free Matt Stevens.I finished things off with an odd little song

that I hope will feature in a competition I am planning. More about that next week.

I also mentioned Pure Acoustica and Watch With Mothers.



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Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 28

In another packed poddy I played Alex Smyth, Camp Out, Kidd Russell, Haunted Stereo , Planes over Paris, Sounds under Radio, Sigg and Menn Arsins and I sang a song live off of the mic, yes me good old Nick Tann.

Watch With Mothers talked about a variety of subjects often referring to the music they were reviewing. This was provided by Gideons Demise, King Never and Mike Rofe.

Apoc tried and hated Drowned in Sound.

I mentioned Pure Acoustica and overlong intros…

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 26

Oh and the blog that was so good that I forgot what it was about was It’s a great blog and an absolute must for any artists looking to promote themselves as well as some usefull insights into the whole social media marketing malarky.

Have a great week and remember