Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 96

I am away on holiday so this podcast is appearing through the magic that is time travel. As I haven’t had many new tracks sent, I have taken the opportunity to go back and play some of the tracks that I played at the very start of the podcasts history.

I played The Wilton Project ~ Diana, The Cherry Bluestorms ~ Diana, Sonny ~ Something in the Water, Sigurdor Guomundsson ~ Gengi? á Gufunum, Paul Liddell ~ Ghost Car, Will Kriski ~ Metal Mayhem, Liz Longley ~ Rush and an old Drunk On Logic Version of All I Think About Is You.

I slipped in an old Watch With Mothers song review, remember them?

Lots of things associated with this podcast will have happened automatically but don’t be fooled, I am in Portugal.

More pre recorded fun next week!

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 86

A tired and slightly hungover podcast this week. The first three tracks were Mailman ~ The Ones That Got Away, Nen.TE. Psudo ~ Doucement, The Cherry Bluestorms ~ Her Mirror Cracked.

There then followed an interview with the fantastic Anja McClosky, who spoke about her recent tour of America as well as other bits and pieces of her musical life.

Anja was also kind enough to perform an amazing new song ~ Kiss.

After that I played stunning tracks from Marvin B Naylor ~ Alice & Maryanne.

I shot the breeze with Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox about the band Something Beginning With L. I then rounded of proceedings with Eastern Conference Champions ~Bloody Bell and a track of mine with Anja accompanying  me on accordion ~ The Day After The Night Before.


Is This Thing on Podcast

The REAL Is This Thing On Podcast 78

Thanks to the mighty podcasting guru Pete Cogle , I can now bring you Is This Thing on Podcast 78.

This week I am joined by my mate Drew Harris as we trawl, yes TRAWL, through the music. In no particular order we Listen to The One and the Many ~ Come Around, American Hollow ~ Operator, Rieg ~ Runaway, Kay ~ To The Holy, Dead Sea Apes ~ Soy Dios-1, The Milkmen ~ Like a Drug, Mike Vaughan ~ Will We Ever get to Mars?, Pineross ~ Ruins, Fledder John ~ Evolution Song, Wax Ersatz ~ Make a Man out of Me and a little sitar song of mine called No Take Away which is only available here.

I was also chatting to Paul Lane via Skype about some band or other, you’ll have to visit his site for details. This is a pic of us chatting….

I mentioned a gig I had played at The Fighting Cocks, I blogged about it here

Is This Thing on Podcast

Should I charge the artist?

Thinking on from my “Would you pay” post I thought this might be an interesting topic for discussion.

Is This Thing On Podcast lite

Is This Thing On LITE #1

Is This Thing On lite

This is the second in a  series of mini podcasts aimed at being inserted as a feature in existing podcasts and radio shows and  lasts just five minutes and features three samples of music from Matt Stevens, Sand River and Sonny.

It’s all part of my plan to take over the world, get people to listen independent non signed artists and to make some bloody money!

Apologies to Ben for doing unthinkable things to his design, I just needed something in a hurry.


Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 39

In a podcast that thumbs it’s nose and sticks two fingers up at the music industry I played the brilliant Tim Farrell from America, the fabulous Occasional Orchestra from England, the amazing Lite from Japan, the sublime Wax Ersatz from England, an interview from the very handsome Gideons Demise (and a tune), the stunning Mohatra from Bosnia Herzegovina, Sand river from England and a little thing I knocked up earlier an instrumental of a song I wrote a few years ago.

A bit proggy in places and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 38

Back to some form of normality this week

I played (in no particular order) Indigo Earth, Haunted Stereo, Matt Stephens remixed by Pseudo Ambient, Kevin Fisher, Steve Lowis, STIMULATOR, Matt Erion Trio, Jim Chorley and me.

Dave Miles was talking to Benita Johnson and Apoc was waxing lyrical aboot Another Story

My hangover suggests that this may not be as good as I may have thought it was.

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 37 Female special

In this women only special I played Anna Neale (at last!), the Amaya Huntley, Salme Dahistrom,  Lisa Hogan, Liz Longley, Kay, Marianthe Loucataris,  The Cherry Bluestorms, Jennie Walker, Juana Ghani and the hugely talented Gemma Carol singing  of my old tracks with my now defunked band People.

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 36

Yes, out of booze

A bit early this week due to other media commitments!

Full of quality music as ever I played the beautiful April Maybe May, the nutty Clare Barker ( I think!), the very cool Sonny, the proggy Triangle exception, the drawly Tracy Shaun, the eclectic FledderJohn, the too cool for school Hot Vamp Club, the very talented Menn Arsins, the peace man Kidd Russell, the sublime Planes Over Paris and me, good old Nick!

Many shout outs to my Twitter followers, a sting from Haunted Stereo (deff a giggle there) and general podcasting malarky.

I still haven’t had an answer to my Jack Daniels black question!